Fast Times in Las Vegas

I went on a television game show and won the grand prize. The game show was a show where contestants had to answer trivia questions. I got the most questions right and was able to move into the final round, where contestants play for the chance to win the grand prize. The final question was a difficult one that I had to think about for a second. Once I got the final question right, I was presented with a Las Vegas trip. I knew in my mind that I would get in touch with las vegas asian escorts so that I could hire an escort to have fun with me while I was in Las Vegas.

This was my first time in Las Vegas and I was going to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible. I was going to see everything and do everything. I went to the casinos when I first got there. I had been watching spy movies about people playing card games, and wanted to test my skills against some of the other high rollers at the table. I was able to win one game, and then lost the next one, so I quit after two games.

I had a date with the escort that I chose on 8 of the 14 nights that I was in Las Vegas. The escort was everything that I could hope for in a date. She was nice, funny, and beautiful. We wasted no time connecting and we had a lot of intimate moments that I can only describe as unforgettable. After my 14 days, it was time for me to head back home. The escort told me that if I was ever in Las Vegas again to contact her and let her know that I’m coming back in town.